Holocaust By Gerald Green

All too often, straight historical accounts of the Holocaust allow readers a certain detachment from the horrific events, policies, and processes that actually took place. Gerald Green’s novel, Holocaust–based on his teleplay for the 1978 NBC miniseries–seeks to personalize the tragedy by putting faces on the real life tragedy and telling the story of two German families whose lives intersect.


Gerald Green

Gerald Green was one of the first news writers at the NBC television network and was a member of the Today show when Dave Garroway was host. In 1950, Green published his first novel, His Majesty O'Keefe, co-written with Lawrence Klingman. But it was not until 1956 with the publication of his book The Last Angry Man that Green firmly established himself as a real presence as a novelist, a book that was adapted for film (1959) and television (1974).Green is also the author of The Sword and the Sun and The Hostage Heart. Green's long-time involvement with film and television resulted in his Emmy Award-winning teleplay for Holocaust.

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