Time One By Colin Gillespie

How did the universe begin? In Time One, Colin Gillespie tackles one of the most compelling mysteries faced by scientists today—and comes up with some surprising answers. In this compelling fictional mystery story, a modern-day philosopher attacks the question using the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory in a way that’s both compelling and accessible to lay readers.


Colin Gillespie

Colin Gillespie is a physicist turned lawyer turned author. He has an insatiable curiosity and an off-the-charts IQ. He has a passion not only for science but for literature (with an especially warm spot for fictional detectives). These are mixed with an abiding sense of personal humility and social responsibility, a wicked sense of humour, and a seemingly boundless source of energy.Over the course of an eclectic 40-year career, he has researched, lectured, explored the world (50 countries and counting). A distinguished scientist, he has written more than 30 articles in international peer-reviewed journals on radiation biology, biophysics, neurophysiology, and physics. As a lawyer he has written on environmental law, indigenous and aboriginal law, and space law.Since 2008 he has worked fulltime on a question he has pondered since his youth. What happened in the beginning? Due in spring of 2013, his second book, Time One: Discover How the Universe Began, answers this question in a simple way that challenges prevailing theories and attitudes about the origin of everything.

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