Kelsey Klaas

Kelsey Klaas, MD is a pediatrician in the division of General Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at Mayo Clinic Children's Center in Rochester; Minnesota. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School; and completed residency at Mayo Clinic; followed by a year as chief resident. She is a certified member of the American Board of Pediatrics; part of the Mayo Medical School Advisory Program and Associate Pediatric Clerkship Director for the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. Her practice includes care of children with complex health conditions and she also focuses on medical student education. She lives in Rochester; MN with her husband and two young children.

Walter Cook, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the College of Medicine; Mayo Clinic. He is the present course director for Mayo Clinic Pediatric Days; Mayo Clinic Summer Pediatric Review and the Rochester-Mayo Clinic T. Denny Sanford Pediatric Symposium. A graduate of the University of North Dakota School of Medicine; he completed his Pediatric Residency at Mayo Clinic and has been Board Certified in General Pediatric Medicine for over 25 years. He currently is a member of the Division of Community Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at Mayo Clinic. His research interest include newborn jaundice and transcutaneous bilirubin measurements. Father of three; including twins; he has cared for thousands of infants and children in more than 25 years of pediatric practice.

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